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defensive driving classes in Marietta dui risk reduction classes in Marietta

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Your privacy is extremely important to us. The ONLY way a person will be able to receive any information from North Georgia DUI School, Inc. about you is for you to fill out a Release of Infomation and specify who and where to send your information to.  As a Certified Risk Reduction DUI and Defensive Driving Program in the State of Georgia your information is only privy to ADE, Inc. (the company from Michigan who furnishes the NEEDS Assessment for the Risk Reduction DUI Programs in the State of Georgia), the Georgia Department of Driver Services who regulate all of the Certified Risk Reduction DUI and Defensive Driving Programs and North Georgia DUI School, Inc.

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Family Owned and Operated since 1993!

North Georgia DUI School, Inc. was established 1993, Our Mission is the same today as it was back then.

  1. Have the most comfortable environment for our clients.

  2. Listen to our client's to make sure their needs are met.

  3. Make sure everyone leaves our class with a better understanding of how to make better choices, so they don't wind up in this situation again.

  4. Always remember and never forget we are all human. Human's make mistakes,.....we just have to learn from them, and not be humiliated by them.

  5. Treat every client the same way we want to be treated, with respect!

  6. We love what we do and the people we can help!

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Beginning Monday, March 16, 2020 through July 11, 2020, the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) has adopted Emergency Rule 375-5-2-0.1-10 Entitled "Remote Classroom Instruction".  This Emergency Rule is allowing us to utilize remote services for classroom instruction and the administration of the assessment.  Our Client's/Students can either come to our School to take the Assessment and/or their Class or they can call Cindy at 770-919-0033to get an access code to allow them to take the Assessment and/or take the Class on line.  The Class will be during the registered dates and times listed on our web site no matter if you are taking the class online or in person at our School.  Online or in person you will still receive a 10 minute break every hour and an hour for lunch on the days which have two sessions.  If you attend the class in our School the last day of class you will leave our School with two Certificates of Completion.  If you attend the class online you will be emailed your Certificate the following business day.

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