* Fees Are regulated by Georgia law for Point Reduction,

   Reinstatement, Court Order and Ticket Dismissal purposes.  This is

   way all schools charge the mandate fee of $95.00.

   Insurance Reduction is not a mandated fee, schools can charge any 

   amount for Insurance Reduction.  We are the only school that charges

   less than $95.00. 

   Schools may charge countless unregulated fees for scheduling,

   processing, etc...  We do not charge any unregulated fees.

JANUARY                           2022

Saturday,  January  8, 2022              9:30am  to  4:30pm

Wednesday,  January  19, 2022       10:00am  to  5:00pm

Sunday,  January  23, 2022               9:30am  to  4:30pm

​​Saturday,  January  29, 2022            9:30am  to  4:30pm

Defensive Driving Class Schedule

Family Owned and Operated since 1993!

FEBRUARY                         2022

Saturday,  February  5, 2022             9:30am  to  4:30pm

Wednesday,  February  16, 2022     10:00am  to  5:00pm

Sunday, February  20, 2022               9:30am  to  4:30pm

​​Saturday,  February  26, 2022           9:30am  to  4:30pm

Defensive Driving Classes in Marietta

North Georgia DUI School Inc defensive driving classes online defensive driving classes

APRIL                                 2022

Saturday,  April  2, 2022                  9:30am  to  4:30pm

Sunday,  April 10, 2022                    9:30am  to  4:30pm

Wednesday,  April 20, 2022            10:00am  to  5:00pm

Saturday, April  23, 2022                  9:30am  to  4:30pm

​​Saturday,  April  30, 2022                 9:30am  to  4:30pm

North Georgia D.U.I. School, Inc. offers the DDC Defensive Driving, Driver Improvement class. All of our classes are 1 day, 6 hour sessions. Weather you are attending for a License Reinstatement, Point reduction, Ticket Dismissal, Court Order or simply for an insurance reduction, you will be treated with respect!

Don't worry you will not miss your games, we have a TV in the lobby connected to Comcast so that you can stay connected to your games during the breaks and your lunch hour.

You will have a 10 minute break about every hour, an hour for lunch from 12:30pm to 1:30pm, 1:00pm to 2:00pm on weekdays) and at the end of the class you will leave with your Certificate.

  Scroll down this page

for our Class Schedules

Our State Certification Number for Defensive Driving is:  DI827

All of our Classes are 1-Day, 6 hour classes with 1 hour for lunch and a 10 minute break about every hour.  Please arrive No Later than 15 minutes prior to class beginning.  At the end of the class you will leave with 2 Certificates of Completion which are accepted by the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS).  We offer so many classes per month we do not have to worry about our classes filling up, you will get into the class you want to attend!​

REGISTER  for your  Defensive Driving Class

  Monday - Friday           9:30am  -  7:00pm

  Saturday - Sunday     12:30pm  -  2:30pm

​​North Georgia DUI School, Inc.

How you can Register for Class

1. You can pay for the Class either on this page or you can call Cindy at

     (770) 919-0033.

2.  Then we will email you and invite to the Webinar Class using ZOOM and 

      directions for attending the class - or - you can attend the Class in

      person.  Our In person Class we can only accept 10 people to comply

      with Social Distancing.  Our Webinar Class is an unlimited attendance.

 3.  At the end of the Class If you attend the Class using the Webinar we will         email you your Certificate the next business day.  If you are attending

       Class in person you will leave with your two (2) Certificates of       



1000 Cobb Parkway North Suite A-1 Marietta,GA 30062


MARCH                              2022

Sunday,  March  5, 2022                   9:30am  to  4:30pm

Wednesday,  March  16, 2022         10:00am  to  5:00pm

Sunday, March  20, 2022                  9:30am  to  4:30pm

​​Saturday,  March  26, 2022              9:30am  to  4:30pm