​J. C. Astro
Peachtree City, Georgia
OMG I just finished my DUI Class tonight and I know it might sound odd but I'm going to miss Ms. Cindy and Ms. Kay and all of my classmates. I told Ms. Cindy I only saw 1 bad review and it was from some Bartender lady who it sounded like a very stupid person, because y'all couldn't set up a schedule just for her she wrote a bad review. People like that make me sick and I hope people who read her review disregard it and read all of the other 100 reviews out there that tell the real truth about how helpful y'all are and how great you treat all of us. It really makes me sad how 1 selfish selfcentered person can talk that way about y'all and your wonderful School. There isn't another School that takes the time to help every single person they come into contact with. Thank you so very much for everything and I will keep in touch y'all helped me and everyone in my class so much!

​Richard A.
Marietta, Georgia
Over the Moon Impressed with this School!
This School hands down is the BEST School in the State of Georgia. North Georgia DUI School DOES NOT send out letters to your home a couple days after you've gotten out of jail trying to scar you into going to their school like these other schools do. This school DOES NOT call you repeatedly trying to get you to pay over the phone to schedule your assessment and class. This school DOES NOT threaten to call your Probation Officer if you don't come in right away to register for class. I received all of these things from an Act School, and two other schools. I came to North Georgia DUI School because the people in jail kept talking about this school and how they are going back because they help you, they don't harass you or threaten you. While I was at North Georgia DUI School the Act School called me for the seventh or eighth time, I put it on speaker so that Ms. Cindy could hear. When I got off the phone with that other school Ms. Cindy didn't bash them she apologized to me and said I'm sorry they are putting you through this. If she's not a Class Act no one is! Ms. Cindy listened to me she didn't try to scare me or threaten me. I'm so glad I pulled into this parking lot and I feel as if God lead me to this school because this school will take care of me. Don't fall for the bullying the other schools give you and come to North Georgia DUI you will feel blessed too!

Lester M.
Acworth, Ga.
10 Star Rating 02/02/2019
​I know it sounds odd to hear someone say they are blessed in having to attend a DUI class, but I do! feel blessed . For one I did not hurt anyone or worse! Second the day I went in to take my Assessment a lady was in their crying to Ms. Cindy because the school she originally took her Assessment and paid for class with AJA promised her a class. She took of work, arrived for their class and they canceled on her. Then told her if she didn't want to loose her money she had to go to their location on Windy Hill. She went their the following week and they canceled class too. She didn't have the money to take the Assessment and pay for the class again. Ms. Cindy told her to call DDS she can have her Assessment transferred to this school and AJA has to refund you the class fee because they failed to provide you the service you paid for. That lady was a single Mom trying to make it and trying to do what she needs to do and that other school jerked her around so bad. Monday I came in for my last 4 hurs of class and that lady was here again crying to Ms. Cindy. AJA was suppose to have given her the class fee back today, when she went to pick it up the owner told her no she's not refunding her. I felt so bad for that lady, but it really made me grateful and thankful that I came to North Georgia DUI School, Ms. Cindy and everyone here really do care about everyone here and that makes all the difference in the world!

Carla S.
Roswell, Ga
10 Star Rating 12/07/2018
I was scheduled to come in and take the Assessment at a school on Roswell Road on Friday, September 1, 2017, but when I arrived there was a note on the door "Class Canceled". You would have thought they would have been professionals and at least call me. Thank goodness I called my Attorney he told me to come to North Georgia DUI School they are very professional and treat everyone with respect! Thank goodness for this school they saved me big time, they rushed me through the Assessment and were able to get me into their class at 5:30pm . I highly recommend this school, they treated everyone with so much respect! It was kind of sad when the class was finished!. Love you Ms. Cindy and Ms. Zenobia you guys are very special people!

John T.
Kennesaw, Ga
5+ Star Rating
I originally took my Assessment with a school in Kennesaw on Thu., August 31, 2017 and was told they were no questions asked have class beginning on Sept. 1. They called me 40 minutes before class was to start to say they canceled class. I told the girl you told me you were having class , I have to go to Probation on Tuesday with my certificate, then she hung up on me. I called North Georgia she said I could have had Assessment transferred to us had the other school not waited until DDS closed to say they weren't having class. I told Ms. Cindy I will pay for the Assessment again I have to have this done. You could tell she really felt bad that the other school did this to me. She said if I get there within in the next 20 minutes I could take the assessment and start the class. I made it in time I was able to start class with North Ga. so glad I called this school they are so much nicer then the school I was going to go to. Thank you Ms. Cindy for your kindness and understanding!

Harrison C.
Kennesaw, GA
 5.0 star rating] 6/22/2018
Absolute best! They made a crappy situation very relaxing and are great people. I really expected the worst but it was great. They have food, coffee, cokes etc,...candy..., it's clean, a big window view so your not locked in some county run facility that's depressing. I was actually a little sad on the last day leaving. Great people and the best place to handle this situation. Forget the rest, not worth evening looking into. Go here, make the drive. They care and they deserve all the business they get.

Tim B. 04/26/2017
Ms. Brochu I just want to thank you and your staff for being so friendly and professional. After reviewing numerous DUI Schools and so many of them state voted best school then finding out the State no longer ranks the schools , but when they did it was your school that was ranked the #1 school in the state. Then reading one schools website and they advertise "EXOTIC" DUI classes, OMG I have never laughed so hard in my life. Then noticing how a lot of the schools literally copied your website. After meeting you and your staff I believe your school is the only school that really cares about their clients. I have found that everything you mention in your website you really do and then some. Thank you for keeping it real with all of us and going the extra mile to really help everyone that comes to you. Keep up the good work! And remember those who copy you do that because they know you are the best and that's why they are trying to ride your shirt tail!

Alex T. 04/11/2017
I originally signed up with A1 in Kennesaw because they are really close to my house. When we started the class we had 7 or 8 people. Then the next day we lost a couple, then the last day we lost another one so they canceled our class and told us they cannot give us credit for the time we did since they had to cancel class because they lost to many people. They told the rest of us we had to go to their Marietta location next week to take the class if we didn't want to loose our class fee. So I came to North Georgia DUI, I was done being jerked around by the other school. Let me tell you this school is so much nicer and the people that work here are much friendlier then the school I originally start class with. North Georgia DUI is about 15 minutes further away but it was well worth the drive. Thank you North Georgia DUI for not jerking me around like the other school did.

Rich C. 03/01/2017
I originally went to 1 Act DUI School because they sent me a letter offering 2 Longhorn lunches, and a gift card. I took my assessment then paid for my class, but they canceled the class. Then I signed up for the next class they canceled again. Then my PO told me no more excuses if I don't get my class done I'm going to jail. So I came to North Georgia DUI I was going to take the assessment again, but Ms. Cindy said no I can have it transferred since the canceled class. So I went back to 1 Act DUI to sign the release and get my money back and then I had some resistance from them. Finally i got my check and now I can actually get my class done. I guess the old saying is true if someone offers you the moon beware you usually get nothing and that's what ! Act did NOTHING. Thanks Ms. Cindy for all of your help and mainly for keeping me out of jail.

Julius P. 12/13/2016
Who would have thought I would ​enjoy going to a DUI class as much as I did. Thank you Ms. Cindy and Ms. B for everything you taught me so much and made me realize life is good!

Michael C. 01/18/2016
I originally went to a school that had a lot of locations thinking they had to be better then the rest since there are so many locations. I was wrong on all levels, 1st off the person at the office was kind of rude and it seemed as if I was keeping her from doing something other than helping me. Then she told me the day before the class I wanted to take that they are holding class the following day. I showed up the following day for class and was told I had 30 minutes to get to a different location for the class they didn't have enough for that location and if I didn't go I would loose my class fee. I drove from Marietta to Lawrenceville and was told they canceled class not enough people. I was so mad I called another school which was this one North Georgia DUI and Ms. Cindy was so helpful and kind told me I can call DDS to have Assessment sent from other school to her school so I didn't have to pay for that again. I chose to just take another Assessment instead of dealing with the other school. Ms. Cindy's school had their class not only that I was treated with the most respect and she even apologized to me for going through the hassel I did with the other school even though it wasn't her fault. Then the Instructor Ms. B was great the nicest most knowledgeable person I have met. Thank you North Georgia DUI, Ms. Cindy and Ms. B for being you and good luck to you in the future!

​Alex V. 10/11/2015
I just completed my DUI Class and I loved every minute of it! The people here are so down to earth and they treated me and everyone in my class with respect and like we were friends. The 1st reason I came to this school was because they didn't send me a letter to my home for everyone in my household to see. 2nd when I called this school Ms. Cindy was the nicest person and I could tell she really cared about me and the situation I was going through. 3rd the Instructor Ms. B was great she was so down to earth and you could tell she really loves working at the school and teaching those of us who made mistakes. I drove from Roswell to Marietta just to take my class here because of the people at the school. Thanks North Georgia DUI for everything especially your kindness and caring!

​Heather 12/18/2014
I am a current resident of South Carolina and actually flew back to my home state of Georgia so I could take the Risk Reduction course offered by North GA DUI School. The three-day fast-track course was most convenient for my needs, and lived up to all my expectations and then some! The staff could not have been friendlier and personable, and they went out of their way to assist me from the get go. Cindy was most helpful from the first phone call, and instructor Nicole presented the material in a professional and non-judgmental manner. None of the classes were canceled or rescheduled at the last minute, and they even provided free breakfast and snacks. I strongly encourage anyone looking for a state-approved course to select North GA DUI School. This is a family owned and operated school that has been in business since the early 90's, and they made me feel like I was part of the family--thanks for everything!

Leonard G:
First, I would like to thank you for allowing me to transfer my Assessment to your school so that I could finally take my class! I took my assessment at a different school which was within 2 minutes of my home. I should have know better than to have go to the other school, for one the other school didn't really seem to know what they were doing and the girl started talking to me about another one of their clients which I didn't think was professional or ethical. Then when I asked if they were having class this week she said, "oh hell ya, if not here we can send you to another location." I told her I didn't want to go some where else since I could basically walk to this school. She said don't worry we'll make it work. Not only did that other school cancel class that week, they canceled class on me 4 other times! Then a couple of people at my treatment class told me to go to North Georgia DUI School. I called here and they told me how I can get my assessment transferred to them and then I can attend class. I had to drive 23 miles to get to North Georgia DUI but it was definately worth it. Great staff, Instructor and the food was endless and really good and the coffee bar was unbelievable. Thank you again Nicole and Cindy for everything you guys are really a class act!

​Michael K:
I had already taken my Assessment and began the 1st day of DUI Class at another School which was closer to my house, it wasn't affiliated with this school. We were given 1 hour for lunch told to be back before 2:00pm. To make sure I wasn't late I went and picked up something brought it back to the school and ate in may car. Didn't want to go in to the school before I had to, didn't want to listen to that Instructor any more than I had to. I watch some of my classmate going into the school about 35 minutes later. Then I noticed I only had about 5 minutes before I had to go back in. Then I watched another classmate go to the door and pull on it, but it didn't open. I got out of my car went over to the door and pulled on it, it wouldn't open for me either. Then we hear the Instructor yell, get away from the door before I call the police. You need to come back next week with another $255.00. We couldn't believe what had just happened to us. He and I started calling other schools, but no answer until I called this school and spoke with Cindy. She informed me that as unfortunate as it is, it is very common to hear that happening. She told me they don't do that hear and even if we were "really late" they don't recharge the class fee. My classmate and I went and retook the Assessment with North Georgia DUI School and took our class here. What a difference between that other school, that other Instructor it was like night and day. We felt relaxed as soon as we came in to this school and the people here are incredible and the school is really nice nothing like the dump we went to before. We drove about 35 minutes out of our way, but in looking at the big picture it was worth it to come to this school!

Jason W:
I have taken this class 2 other times all at different schools because of where I lived at the time. The first school I went to they were nice on the phone, but once they got my money they treated me like I was dirt. The second school I went two was almost the same thing they were nice on the phone but after they got my money the way they treated me like they were superior to all of us. The instructor even called us a bunch of loosers for being their, I wanted to punch him, but so did the rest of us in the class. Then I called here Cindy was so nice and listened to every word. At first I thought here I go again, but was I wrong. I just want Cindy and Nicole to know you guys saved my life. The way you listened to me and spoke to me openly and honestly, made me open my eyes and realize how "I" need to change. My wife and I and our soon to be baby boy, owe you everything for sticking by me and allowing me to call and talk even years after I have completed my class. I just passed my 2 year mark and I want to Thank you for your guidance, kindness and caring nature, I mean it, if it weren't for you two I wouldn't be the person I am now. THANK YOU for helping me get my life and family back!!!

Thomas U.:
My cousin took her class here about a year ago and she told me to come to this school that it is well worth the drive. I drove from Stockbridge every day, don't know how many other schools I passed on my way. My cousin has steered me wrong before, but this time I was so glad I took her advice. I felt so welcome and comfortable, the staff and Instructor treated me as if they knew me all of my life. They even gave me pointers in how to get my charge reduced. These people know what they are talking about, and they really made me feel as if I was a friend not a dollar sign. Keep up the great work North Georgia DUI School, and please don't change a thing that you are doing, you made this a great experience, I appreciate everything you did for me.

B. J. Garrett:
I have taught at several different schools, I prefer this school over any other school hands down. This is the cleanest school I have taught for. The owners/office staff are the nicest and they care about every single person that comes through their doors. I can eat for free with my class. The environment is so relaxed here that it makes teaching easier because the class feels so relaxed. I love this school!

Barry T.:
I just wanted to thank the staff and my instructor Timmy for being so nice. And thank you Ms. Cindy for the best brownies and applesauce cake I have ever had. I heard you telling one of the people in class that this school will be 20 years old in April, hope you guys are around for at least another 20 years-thanks again for your kindness.

Ernest D:
I cannot believe how dishonest other schools are. While I was in class I heard other students talking about what other schools told them and even heard one person say he was actually suppose to take his class at another school one which was right beside his house in Marietta. They promised him class 2 times and both times they canceled on him, both times he took off work. When he was told by his attorney I told you to go to North Georgia he finally called and they told him to call DDS they would approve a transfer since other school cancelled. When he did the other school yelled at him when he went back to get his money. All I know is this school treated me and everyone in my class and the other people in the other class great. After spending a couple minutes here you realize these people really do care and they go the extra mile to make sure you are comfortable. I really want to thank my instructor BJ and everyone else at the school for everything and keep up the great work we people who need your service really appreciate you.

Devon B.:
Who needs to waste money going to a Sports Bar or a game on Saturday? If you are reading this then you really don't. It may sound funny but I really enjoyed myself here they fed us great, we had chili for lunch and watched football, the staff and instructors are the most caring and kind people I have ever met. I recommend this school to anyone who needs to attend the DUI or the Defensive Class. I drove from Cumming to take the class because of the reviews and boy, oh boy was it worth it!

Eva R.:
Extremely comfortable environment where everyone could feel free to share honestly and ask questions.

Vic B.:
I would recommend this school in a heartbeat. My Instructor was Nicole and put aside how beautiful she is, she is also the best Instructor I've seen. You can tell she loves teaching and she really cares about everyone in the class. I picked this school off of a list my Probation Officer gave me and silly or not after my class and realizing how lucky I was to pick the best school in Georgia I went and bought a scratch of ticket and I won $25.

Whitman G.:
I noticed on the other schools web sites how their verbage is very similar to yours and also notice that your school has been around a lot longer than the other schools. I also noticed after visiting your facility and speaking with Cindy that your school actual offers and has everything you offer on your web site. I would like to thank you for your hospitality and kindness and the education I recieved from your class.

Gene A.:
I just finished my class on 7/30/12, I picked this school because of the quotes I read from other students, and what I found out was they didn't praise the staff, instructors and the school enough. For us to be here for a DUI and how most people think of us who have received a DUI the staff and instructors here treated us like a friend who needs help, not like "someone with a DUI". Thanks to all of you at North Georgia DUI School and I wish others could treat us the way you did, thanks for your kindness, help, non-judgemental attitude, and the FREE FOOD. Good luck to you in the future!

Russ H.:
"I was feeling pretty down on myself until I came to this school, you are the nicest group of people I have met since I got my drug charge!"

From Carol S.:
"I knew I was in deep when I saw the blue lights behing me. A friend took your class and told me to call you first. Ya'll helped me so much, I don't know how I could have gotten through everything without your help, and Cindy I hope I wasn't a pain with all of the questions and phone calls. I love you guys!"

Mother of Heather T.:
"I took my daughter to a different school first and I couldn't bare my child spending 20 hours in that school so we left. I made a couple calls and after speaking to you I knew I would feel comfortable leaving my daughter at your school. You are nothing like the school we first went to."

Ronny N.:
"I was pleasantly surprised when I went to your school and I was totally shocked at the food you served us. Thanks for everything."

Katherine K.:
"I love you H. P., you really helped me a lot."

Chris D.:
"I hate to admit it but this was the 3rd time I have had to take this class. All 3 times I went to different schools, the first 2 schools were little whole in the wall places and the people were not friendly at all. All of you at this school are the nicest people I have ever met. H. P. did not verbally abuse the class he was understanding and helped me understand what I need to change. I hope I never get another DUI but if I do I will be back to you I don't care if I live 50 miles away, you are worth the drive."

B. B.:
"I went you your school a couple years ago, but had moved to Roswell, Ga., so I went to a school close to my house. I realized real quick I was making a mistake so before the lady tried to take my money I left and came back to this school. I really appreciate the staff and Instructors at this school you do treat people with respect and all of you really do care about all of us having to attend your school. The state needs to close all of the other school you guys set the bar way to high. Thank you very much for all you do"

Stephen W:
"I went to another school took my assessment on a Friday around 2:00pm I was assured they would be holding class in a couple of hours. At 3:30pm I was called by the other school and was told if I still need class this weekend I will have to drive 22 miles away to take class at another one of their locations and if I didn't show up I would loose my money. I called my attorney told her what happened she told me to call you guys. Instead of trying to make me take another assessment you told me how to get my stuff sent to you guys so I could take class with you. When I went to the other school to sign this paper so they could send my stuff to North Georgia the lady at the other school was extremely rude and only after I threatened to call my attorney did the other school give me my money back. Thank you for not trying to rip me off for another assessment, I wish I would have listened to my attorney to begin with and come to you guys in the first place. Thanks for your help and for treating me so nice."
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